Voice Recognition ATM Security Feature


Platform: ATM, kiosks



67% of ATM users have had card replacements in the past 4 years. Users should have a way to be able to access their accounts at the ATM without needing a card.


How might we create a cardless ATM experience that is fun, secure, and unique?

I focused on users who were members of "Capital Two" bank who lost their cards sometime in the last 4 years.


Brainstorming and creating flow charts helped prioritize the primary feature: voice. 

Lean UX flow-prototype hybrids assisted with time management and focus in developing solutions.

Group brainstorming session: How can we make this a fun experience involving voice?


The user research and assumptions were already established by the client from the beginning. The focus was on the key finding that 67% of ATM users have had their cards replaced in the last 4 years. Technically, voice command and recognition seem to be the most secure form of identity because each voice is different.

VOICE COMMAND: How it works

Users enjoy a fun experience to use voice command to grant permission to access transactions.
User can set up their accounts previously by:

1) Recording their voice

2) Choosing a voice feature as their password

Design Decision:

Secondary security backups including thumbprint access and face recognition


User error: Scenarios such as  logging in to the wrong account because of environment/similarity in voices; or external factors where users were in a rush, didn’t want to sing, or were sick and could not want to use their voices were accounted for in the voice-first design.

Next Steps:

Partnerships with karaoke bars and nightlife were mentioned. Voice recognition as security identification could be linked to Siri or Alexa. MC Capital could be linked with Siri so that a user could tell Siri she wanted to withdraw $30 from her phone, pop over to a MC Capital ATM, say "Hello" and get her requested amount of cash.